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Benefits Of Using Fixie Bikes

Many people have seen the benefits of riding a bike since the early years. Right now, there are various campaigns promoting and prompting more people to ride a bike because of environmental and health concerns. One of the bike types recommended for newbies and health buffs is the fixie bike.

Fixies are also known as fixed-gear bikes since they do not require a shift in gear each and every time. These bikes rely on your pedaling power, so the more you pedal, the faster your speed. As mentioned earlier, this is a great tool for building cardio and leg power especially if you are into intense workouts. But if you’re the mountaineering type, a fixed-gear may not perform very well especially on sloping terrain.

Get to know more about fixie bikes through the following benefits:

Made for the roads

If you plan on using a bike on the road – for going to work or running errands – this bike is the best option. It is truly made for pure fix fixie review and many urbanites can attest to the convenience of riding a bicycle especially during peak hours of city traffic.

While a mountain bike is made for the slopes and mountainous terrains, the fixie is made for even roads. You cannot cruise with this bike, though, since it lacks the complex mechanisms of a geared bike that make it possible to run even without constant pedaling.

Easy to clean, maintain, and troubleshoot

You can easily clean the parts of this bike since all of its moving parts are exposed and not enclosed in 6ku bike review. If you know how to clean and remove grime from the wheels to the chain, then you are good to go. You can ask an experience cycler or shop owner to teach you the steps. But for sure, you’ll learn and apply them easily.

Cheaper than geared

Due to the complexities of a geared type plus the materials used, the cost is usually higher. And in connection to maintaining and keeping up with the trends, those add up to the value and overall cost of the geared type. On the other hand, fixie bikes are more affordable even with a higher-end material.

Safer for beginner riders

A person learning how to ride a bike can benefit from using a fixed-gear bike. The only thing you’ll need is your leg power if you are already an advanced rider and can manage to ride in the city. But never forget to wear proper gear such as helmet, leg protectors, and a special riding jacket.

Biking is fun and easy especially if you use the right type of bicycle. Depending on your purpose and ability to ride are the keys to choosing the right one you can use for a long time.

What Type of Bike is Right for You?

Not many are aware of the types of bicycles out there. Most of the time, people learn how to ride the hard way because they are using the wrong type of bike. A mountain bike looks promising enough for most people, but using its gears and other functions can be confusing. If want to know the type of bike that will suit you, there are some things to consider such as your lifestyle and specific needs for getting one in the first place.

Unless you are a sporty type, do not purchase a racing or mountain bike simply because they’re the ‘it’ bikes of the sporting world. There’s no need to ride complex bikes if you don’t know their main purpose and the possible problems they may lead you to. With that said, it is best to check the following basic information about the different types of bikes:

Mountain or All-terrain

These bikes are made for varied terrains and have sixteen to twenty-four gears. They also have suspension systems, hydraulics, and sturdy features.

Aside from toggling with gears, you’ll have to be familiar with the basic riding techniques especially on sloping terrain. This bike is not idea to use if you’re a newbie and just starting to learn how to ride because you will need to learn how to use and switch the gears.


Sometimes referred to as ‘racers’, they are light but quite challenging to ride. These bikes are made for speed and racing enthusiasts are often experienced in riding these on the road. They also have multiple gears, aerodynamic wheels, and minimal accessories. If you’ll notice, racing riders are quite light and lean, and these help in increasing and maintaining their riding speeds with ease.


Road bikes are truly made for riding on flat roads and city streets. There are sub-types based on their features and function, as well as their built. A fixie bike can be considered under the ‘road’ category since it has a fixed gear and is primarily built for riding on smooth and flat roads.


Perhaps an upgraded version of the road type, city riders are more geared toward the slopping and challenging city streets. These are great for expert riders who use such bikes for a purpose. Delivery guys, messengers, and postmen are just a few of the people who rely on these two-wheeled rides to help them get to their varied destinations.

Choosing your ride can be tough without knowledge of these types and categories. There are still more subcategories of bikes based on their built, capacity, and function. But from this short list, you’ll be able to tell which one will be best to start with.